Computational Brain and Nervous system

Computational Brain and Nervous system Photo

Computational System works are utilized as a part of neuroscience from multiple points of view. For example, they might be utilized to build maps of Brain structure and initiation or to depict mind forms scientifically.

The nervous system is the system of nerve cells and strands which transmits nerve driving forces between parts of the body.

The objective of this session is to comprehend Brain Mapping, Neuro-Informatics, Current patterns in Neuroinformatics, Neural Networks and Genetic AlgorithmsNeuro Sensing and Neural Prosthesis and Controlling Neurons, Circuits and Behavior.

  • Brain Mapping
  • Neuro-Informatics
  • Latest Trends in Neuro-Informatics
  • Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithms
  • Brain-Computer Interfaces
  • Neuro Sensing and Neural Prosthesis
  • Controlling Neurons, Circuits and Behavior

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