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Hadi Eltonsi
Hadi Eltonsi
Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt.

Dr. Hadi Eltonsi-immediate healer -Retired Ambassador since 2011 -Born 12/9/1951 -Married, living in Austria and Egypt -Graduated from faculty of medicine-Cairo University 1975. -After 2 years of medical practice,joined the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs 1978 where he graduated from the Egyptian institute of diplomatic studies with additional courses in France and Germany. Attended several courses and practices of Psychiatry and spirituality that made him group psychotherapist, hypnotist, life coach, Reiki master and expert in Yoga , telepathy, energy transfer and implanting into subconscious. Worked as a diplomat at the Egyptian Embassies in Lisbon, Bolivia , Panama city, Moscow and Guatemala city. Then became an Ambassador to Guatemala and Honduras 2001-1005 where he was decorated with the highest order of El Quetzal, and to Namibia 2006 to 2010. He got patent for immediate personality development with telepathy and energy. as a brand new method to make for your life a new start for body, mind and soul If you believe in the power of mind, Dr. Hadi Eltonsi, a medical doctor with also practices in psychiatry and spirituality is performing since 21 years abroad psychic healing based on his scientific knowledge of those fields. After an interview to diagnose and agree about goals of treatment, you can obtain energetic support with the optimum program to telepathically motivate your subconscious to alleviate psychiatric, psycho-somatic and other physical symptoms of non bacterial origin. As known your subconscious controls your emotions, autonomic system working body organisms besides storing around 90% of your knowledge, so normally in one session of 30 minutes average he can make your subconscious work for your improvement and healing. After the interview the session is painless without talking or touching and may save you once and for all from sufferings of a wide variety of such diseases and symptoms ranging from psychiatric disorders as depression, passing by achieving self improvement personal goals, if you want that, to alleviating physical diseases and symptoms of defective work of body organs. you can get the wanted results at the spot and you may feel as never before psychologically according to your wishes Dr Hadi Eltonsi held many interviews in Egyptian and Arab TV channels, besides many seminars in his country in addition to press coverage to show the life transforming effect of his work. His work is explained in a short American film called Psychic Psychiatrist shown in International festivals. Another American film inspired by his work, in which he played the main actor, called the Messenger won the award of best international film 2017 in Venice Gala Film Festival Within international activity to spread his patented immediate healing for personality development he was selected as a keynote speaker in Europsychiatrists 2018 , Euro global summit of psychiatry in Vienna , Mental Health Congress in Paris 2018 and EuroPsyCon Conference on Neurology and Neurological disorders also in Paris 2018

Research Interest

He has performed many TV, radio interviews and seminars apart of two short American films about his work or inspired by his skills which were shown in international film festival.

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